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Automation That Delivers Significant Cost Savings Across the Board, Choose OEE DataWatch

Manufacturers choose OEE Datawatch to help them automate processes and realize significant cost savings throughout their operations. The UAK1000 Universal Automation Kiosk is a proven OEE Datawatch automation solution that saves manufacturers thousands of dollars in design, engineering, installation, and maintenance costs when compared to traditional, one-at-a-time, proprietary automation systems. It also produces ongoing cost savings and revenues by reducing overhead and production costs and improving product quality and throughput.

There is a better way to monitor, control, and manage your manufacturing automation processes.

Upfront Costs Reduced by Up to 50%

  • Plug-and-play design
  • Standardized hardware and software
  • No schematics required
  • Minimal engineering
  • OSHA compliance built in

Optimized Production Quality & Efficiency

  • Fast troubleshooting for quick correction
  • Realtime data
  • Shorter changeovers
  • More uptime, greater throughput
  • Higher production quality
  • Less scrap

Improved Safety

  • OSHA-compliance avoids fines and lawsuits
  • Separate compartments for high voltage/low voltage
  • No PPE or lockout/tagout required to access controls
  • SIL E-stop circuit

Easy to Use

  • Clear, visually organized data screens
  • Plug in wires, no tools required
  • Simple I/O and wire coding corresponds to PLC tags

Powerful Data Management

  • Includes SCADA standard vs. traditional dedicated HMI systems that require expensive upgrades
  • Fast data transfer and screen refresh
  • Fully compatible with over 270 hardware and software platforms, including Siemens, AB, ABB, BACNet, and Beckhoff

Lower Cost to Maintain, Upgrade

  • Separate software and hardware components
  • Individual components cost less to upgrade over time

Replacement Parts Readily Available, Cost 20% Less

  • Component hardware and software widely stocked and readily available
  • Parts cost approximately 20% less compared to traditional systems
  • Parts availability reduces downtime

Lead Time Shortened by 6 Weeks

  • Lead time from quote to installation is reduced by at least six weeks compared to traditional systems

Service Stays In-House

  • No costly outside expertise required
  • Train your in-house personnel to maintain, troubleshoot, and diagnose your system
  • Free videos and training resources available online

Automation Means Fewer Employees

  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduction in payroll and benefit costs

Talk to an OEE Datawatch expert.

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