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GenesisMini, industrial control panel and SCADA in a bolt-on miniature package

GenesisMini is a standardized industrial control panel and SCADA system in a miniaturized form that is ready to be bolted into place for plug-and-play installation by in-house personnel with no schematics needed.

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Cabinet Dimensions, Power Details, Installation, Displays, PLC Hardware, Software, Inputs/Outputs, On-Board PC Hardware, Software, Network Connectivity, Programming, Safety & Compliance, Training, Support, and Warranty – you’ll find all that and more in the product sheet.

Compact Equipment Monitoring and Control System

GenesisMini features our innovative patent-pending design that standardizes and simplifies the interface to your equipment. Like others in the Genesis Series, the GenesisMini is OSHA compliant and allows operators to program, test, and diagnose problems without shutting down the line. GenesisMini comes with all required software loaded and licensed and the SCADA user screens set up and ready to run your operation manually.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete standardization
  • No schematics 
  • Simplified coding 
  • OSHA compliant with built-in safety
  • Miniature, bolt-on size
  • Connects to other Genesis Series products
  • Expands I/O, automation control, and data acquisition


Find out if this Genesis Series product is right for your manufacturing operation.

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