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The Automation Roadmap:

An affordable, step-by-step digitalization and automation plan for smaller manufacturers

Thousands of small and mid-sized manufacturers are in a position where they must modernize and automate in order to survive and remain competitive. While grappling with where and how to incorporate digitalization and automation and feeling the pressures of Industry 4.0 and IIoT, these manufacturers are also faced with the equal challenges of allocating the time and financial resources to make the essential changes necessary for their survival.

OEE DataWatch understands these challenges because we have worked side by side with these manufacturers—manufacturers just like you—and it’s our decades of experience on the frontlines of manufacturing that have led us to embrace these challenges and design real solutions that address them in ways that are accessible and attainable for every manufacturer. The Automation Roadmap is one of these solutions.

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Improving efficiency and productivity one step at a time

To create your Automation Roadmap, our President and expert Design Engineer Brian Rajotte visits your manufacturing site to observe your equipment and processes and meet with key personnel and stakeholders to review your operations and get a complete 360-degree view. With this information, we then create a phased, prioritized plan for improvements. This is your Automation Roadmap.

What’s included in the Automation Roadmap:


One-Day Site Visit

A firsthand account of your equipment and processes


Current State Report

A detailed assessment of your current operations and equipment


Prioritized Project Plan

An actionable, step-by-step plan designed around your budget

Is the Automation Roadmap right for your business?

For complete details on this digitalization and automation planning tool and how you can get it for FREE, download our Automation Roadmap guide and FAQ.

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