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Affordably Modernize Your Manufacturing Operations


The GenesisMaxim Equipment Monitoring and Control System from OEE DataWatch

The GenesisMaxim Equipment Monitoring and Control System is a centralized automation system that allows system integrators to connect, monitor, and control equipment within a manufacturing line or process. Using a standardized package of hardware and software, the GenesisMaxim gives manufacturers the ability to retrieve and respond to critical data points from one central location to improve production flow and make better use of personnel and equipment.

Take control of equipment and costs with GenesisMaxim.

Costs up to 50% Less Than Traditional Proprietary Systems

  • No schematics required
  • Minimal engineering
  • Standardized hardware and software reduce startup costs and lower the cost of ownership

Standardized Package with Powerful SCADA

  • Centralized monitoring and control of both new and legacy equipment
  • Distribute orders and recipes from one central location
  • Easily add or remove equipment and data points from a line or process

Live Troubleshooting for Maximum Uptime

  • OSHA compliance and SIL 3 safety are built in
  • Design separates low-voltage controls from high-voltage electrical components
  • Troubleshooting does not require lockout/tagout

Up and Running in Half the Time

  • Programmed and on the factory floor in weeks, not months
  • Shorter time from order to delivery
  • Preconfigured system is delivered ready to install


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