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It’s Time to Get Moving on Capital Expenditure Automation

A recent article by Mike Parsons on SiteProNews discussed “The Future of IT Outsourcing in the Aftermath of the Pandemic.” The article inspects the remote team/consultant model common in business process outsourcing and how the pandemic may up-end this approach. Here is an excerpt:

Greater reliance on automation:

With reduced physical oversight, mishaps seem to happen more frequently. One of the ways companies are looking to cope is through the implementation of automated solutions. Unfortunately, the last-year events showed that relying on human capital can be risky. The most viable option – automating certain processes which you cannot afford to put on pause. An alternative (or better yet, an additional) approach is to migrate whatever is possible to the cloud. That way, all data remains secure and anyone you approve can gain access to the information they need to complete their work.

Brian’s Take

In the new age of manufacturing, Covid and post-Covid, business owners should be taking a long hard look at their manufacturing and data flow. Permanently separating workers creates a more focused worker and satisfies the goal of minimizing opportunities for illnesses. Automation can help with repetitive jobs, dangerous jobs, and separating employees.

Smart dashboards on large interactive displays keep workers from congregating around small old school HMI user interfaces. Answers to operators questions are visible from a distance. It is believed that the most valuable KPI right now is overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). OEE data that is broadcast on a large dashboard can increase revenue by 30% because it will allow all workers and managers to know a line’s efficiency in real time and divide the source of the problem into three categories for faster and more long-term resolution of problems. A plant floor controls network that has no access to the internet is a must. Data is collected on this secure network and then is safely transmitted through a secure tunnel to the corporate network or to the cloud if acceptable to company policies. Now is the time that all manufacturers should be moving forward with capital expenditure automation and data projects. We have a window of opportunity to be forward thinking enough to jump ahead of competition while others are pausing .

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