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Reviving Aging Mechanical Lines for Packaging Manufacturer


An international packaging materials and equipment manufacturer that designs materials to protect products and solves packaging challenges within complex global supply chains


Two aging mechanical production lines responsible for material forming, notching, and gluing in a Pennsylvania production facility were over 50 years old and in need of safety upgrades to improve line performance and conform to OSHA requirements.


OEE Datawatch upgraded and enhanced the mechanical production lines with two GenesisMaxim Equipment Monitoring and Control systems. The systems included spinning safety lasers, RFID, data acquisition, timing controls, and PLC and PC SCADA, plus a new main program. A fire suppression system and modernization of a walkway system were also added to bring the lines up to current OSHA standards. One line was surrounded with caging and RFID-enabled zone gating that was data logged for operator identification and time inside. Each GenesisMaxim also provided additional data logging and management recipe usage, product tracking, speeds, and timing parameters.


Since integrating two GenesisMaxims, both lines have operated safely with a significant reduction in line stops and starts. The improvement in uptime has increased throughput and revenue, and both lines have resumed their roles as high-production, high-performance lines within the operation.

Brian’s Take

We approached this project with a goal of adding responsibility to everything and logging all data. There is a lot of aging mechanical packaging equipment here in Pennsylvania, and this client didn’t want to lose these two high-value production lines. Old machines and mechanical components like these need a lot of adjustment, and we often find a mess of wires with no lockout. These scenarios present a real safety hazard to troubleshoot, and with troubleshooting comes downtime. As a design engineer, I believe real safety starts here, inside, where the wires live. This is a perfect example of why I designed the GenesisMaxim with compartments that separate low-voltage controls from high-voltage electrical components. It’s inherently safer, and troubleshooting does not require lockout/tagout.

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